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Volkswagen Makes & Models for your reference only

T1 BEETLE 1100- 36HP 1947-1960  
T1 BEETLE 1200-1300 1960-1967  
T1 BEETLE 1500 1968-1970  
T1 BEETLE 1600 1971-1976  
T3 TYPE 3 FAST BACK 1961-1975  
G1 GOLF 1 1974-1985  
G1C GOLF 1 CONVERTIBLE 1979-1993  
G2 GOLF 2 1983-1992  
G3 GOLF 3 1992-1997  
G3C GOLF 3 CONVERTIBLE 1993-1998  
G3 GOLF 3 VR6 1992-1997  
G4 GOLF 4 1998-2005 Volkswagen Golf IV
G4 GOLF 4 GTI 1.8T 2001-2005
G5 GOLF 5 2003-2008  
G5 GOLF 5 GTI 2005-2008  
G6 GOLF 6 2009-Present Volkswagen Golf VI
BO BORA 1999-2005  
BE NEW BEETLE 1999-Present Volkswagen New Beetle
BEC NEW BEETLE 2003-Present
EOS EOS CONVERTIBLE 2006-Present Volkswagen EOS
JE JETTA 2003-Present Volkswagen Jetta
PA PASSAT 1974-Present Volkswagen Passat
PO POLO 1996-Present  
TOU TOURAN 2003-Present  
TOUA TOUAREG 4WD 2003-Present Volkswagen Touareg


T2 KOMBI 1968-1979 Volkswagen Kombi
T3 TRANSPORTER 1982-1991  
T3 CARAVELLE 1989-1992  
T4 TRANSPORTER 1993-2002  
T4 CARAVELLE 1993-2002  
T5 TRANSPORTER 2003-Present  
T5 CARAVELLE 2003-Present  
CA CADDY 1996-Present Volkswagen Caddy
CR CRAFTER 2006-Present  
LT LT TRANSPORTER 1998-Present  


Since VW was created in 1931 it has remained one of the world's most enduring brands. The company's most famous offering is the Beetle, known for reliability, fuel efficiency and of course “that shape”.

  • »We supply the following VW parts:
  • »Part one service parts : filters, spark plugs, belts etc
  • »Part two steering & suspension : brakes system, ball joints, bushes etc
  • »Part three body & panel parts : bars, grilles, guards, bonnets etc
  • »Part four engine parts : cylinder heads, gaskets, cam shafts etc
  • »Part five fuel system : fuel pump, injectors, air flow meter etc

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