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Signs you need your brakes checked!


After a dry June/July in Melbourne the wet weather had finally arrived!


There are some simple tips that can help keep you safe in the wet weather

-ensure your tyres are inflated to the vehicle manufactures specifications
-slow down and maintain a safe breaking distance
-learn what to do if you do skid or aquaplane
-ensure that your brakes are in good working order


Breaking systems are a crucial component of any vehicle and are vital to safety.

When you put your foot on the brake pedal a series of components kick in and causes friction between the brake pads and the rotor which allows the vehicle to slow down.  If there is a problem with any of these components it can cause a huge safety concern.


There are a number of warning signs that you need to have your brakes checked, the most obvious being an illuminated brake light on your dash. This is one light you do not ignore.  Another obvious sign is feeling like your vehicle is taking longer to stop than normal.


Other indicators include;

Visual inspection

A visual inspection of the pads can be done easily and quickly on most vehicles by a qualified mechanic. They will then be able to recommend if the pads need to be replaced or not based on the approximate thickness.


If your brakes are emitting a high pitched squeal, chances are your pads are wearing thin. If this graduates to a grinding sound then you have worn through the pads and the sound is being caused by the metal backing of the brake pad and the metal rotors coming in direct contact with each other. This will cause damage that is much more expensive and time consuming than simply changing the pads.


If you feel a vibrating or a pulsing through your brake pedal ( similar to what is felt when you have to brake in an emergency and the ABS kicks in), it can be a sign that you have done something to make the rotors change shape and you may have misaligned your wheels. The way the pedal pad feels underfoot can also indicate a problem. If the pedal practically touches the floor before the brakes engage or grabs at even the slightest touch there could be an issue with the hydraulic system that controls the calipers.


Changes in the way your vehicle drives can be another great indicator that there is an underlying issue. if you feel your vehicle wanting to pull (left or right) of its own accord while braking it could be caused by a stuck caliper, a collapsed brake hose or uneven wear on brake pads. 

Please note pulling is not always an indicator of an issue with you brakes it can be cause by a number of issues which is why its sensible to get an issue like this checked out immediately.


Well maintained brakes are vital to safety in both wet and dry conditions, which is why if you get any sort of indication that there may be a problem with your brakes it is advisable to get them checked by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible.


At Unique Auto Parts we stock a full range of brake components including: brake pads, brake discs, brake hoses, brake fluid, brake master cylinders, brake wheel cylinders, brake boosters and brake calipers.

Give us a call on 1300 864 864 if you need any information on the brake components in stock! 

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