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1. A ticking or tapping noise, coming from your engine.

This is generally a sign that your oil is low, stop the engine and let it sit for a few minutes. Check the oil levels on the dipstick, if they are low add as much oil as needed to bring the level back up taking care not to overfill. You can do serious and costly damage to your engine if you continue to ignore this noise.


2. Wipers squeaking.

If your wiper blades are squeaking against your windscreen, it’s a good sign they need to be replaced. Continuing to use worn wiper blades will not only cause costly damage to your windscreen but also pose a safety risk as it will decrease their effectiveness making visibility more difficult during bad weather.


3. Loud humming noise when driving.

This is one noise you should definitely not to ignore, that humming sound could be your wheel bearing failing, this noise is generally not constant but instead comes and goes with variations in speed. If you continue to drive without investigating this noise and your wheel bearings fail it may cause one or more of your wheels to seize or even come loose from your vehicle leaving you at risk of an accident or stranded on the side of the road.


4. Knocking in your front suspension.

If you hear a loud knocking or clunking sound while you’re driving, it might be a bad shock absorber, this will have an impact on handling, steering and even breaking. It may also be an indication that the ball joint which connects the upright and suspension arm has lost lubrication and that clunking is metal on metal. It’s safer to get this noise checked out sooner rather than later.


5. Squeaking, whining or chirping sound from under the bonnet.

This sound is generally caused by your cars drive belt which over time will wear down and slip. The sound is more likely to be louder when you first start your car after a prolonged period or when you rev the engine. Replacing a drive belt is a relatively easy and an inexpensive repair, however if you ignore this sound and the belt snaps completely the roll on effects will prove to be costly.  


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