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Is your vehicle ready for snow season?


The snow season officially opens this weekend, you might be prepared for the cold weather but is your vehicle?


Giving your car the once over before you head up the mountain could make all the difference between a fun trip away or a needlessly expensive nightmare!


Do a quick but thorough check of the following:

  • all lights (including emergency lights)
  • tyre pressure
  • fluid levels-  check all the fluid levels in your vehicle paying particular attention to the coolant/anti freeze. Without the correct type and levels of coolant you run the risk of causing serious damage to your engine and radiator.  More information on using the correct coolant can be found here

  • windscreen Wiper blades- before you head to the snow is the perfect time to replace your wiper blades, you don't want to risk decreased visibility and safety because your wipers are worn, cracked or torn. Other telltale signs your wiper blades need replacing can be found here

At Unique Auto Parts we stock all the parts to keep your vehicle mechanically safe for all your trips to the snow this winter so call us on 1300 864 864. 

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