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The importance of using the correct coolant.


The importance of using the correct coolant in your vehicle!


Coolant, or anti-freeze, is added to a vehicles cooling system to prevent corrosion and erosion of the cooling components  by lowering the freezing point of water based fluids .


Coolant is usually a concentrate and the most common water to coolant ratio mix is 1 to 1. This will keep the water chemically balanced, although some car manufacturers may recommend a higher or lower ratio. It is very important to use the specified coolant for your vehicle as all coolants have different boiling/freezing points to suit the materials used in your vehicle. Mixing different coolants is not recommended as they can have a chemical reaction and cause damage to your engine and cooling system.


To check your coolant levels all you need to do is look at the coolant reservoir, which is the plastic bottle connected to radiator. If the liquid doesn't reach the "full" line then it needs a top up.  


When checking your coolant be mindful of the following:


-coolant is usually coloured ( red, green, blue or yellow) so if looks colourless or has things floating in it, flush your cooling system and add new coolant.


-if the coolant looks oily or is full of heavy sediment get your vehicle checked by a mechanic.


At Unique Auto Parts, we carry a large range of specified coolants to suit your Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen ( VW ), Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, Peugeot, Renault, Citroen  and Volvo. Check out our range online or enquire on 1300 864 864.

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